10 Essentials for the Outdoors

  1. Find Your Way Fun Kit: Whether it’s a snazzy GPS app on your phone, a trusty satellite messenger like a Garmin inReach, or the classic combo of a paper map and compass – make sure you head out into the outdoors prepared with the tools to keep your adventure on track! It also doesn’t hurt to carry along a portable charger if you plan on being out for the whole day.
  2. Sunshine Superheroes: Shield yourself from the sun’s rays with a cool broad-brimmed hat, a snappy gaiter, sunscreen, and UPF clothing that’s as stylish as it is protective. Check out the different gear you’ll need for an adventure by reading these blog posts: Essential Packing Guide for Your First Backpacking Trip and How to Have a Great Time Hiking!
  3. Dress to Impress – and Protect: Strut your stuff in proper footwear, rock that rain gear like a fashion icon, and cozy up with insulated clothing that’ll make you the envy of the trail.
  4. Water Wizardry: Stay hydrated with more water than you think you’ll need or wield a water filter like a hydration sorcerer – ensuring every sip is pure magic!
  5. Nom Nom Necessities: Pack a feast! Bring more calories than you can imagine needing – you never know when a snack attack will strike.
  6. Light Up Your Life: Illuminate the trail with a headlamp that’s charged up and ready to roll, and don’t forget those backup batteries – because who wants to be stuck in the dark?
  7. First Aid & Fix-It Fiesta: Be your own hero with a first aid and repair kit that’s got everything to patch up you and your gear – because every adventure should have a happy ending.
  8. Swiss Army Swagger: Channel your inner action hero with a small utility blade or a multi-tool that’s ready to leap into action whenever gear needs saving.
  9. Firestarter Fun: Spark some excitement with a weatherproof firestarter and a bit of dry tinder, or maybe flaunt a lightweight stove for a trailside cooking show.
  10. Emergency Snuggle Station: Pack a lightweight emergency shelter, be it a cozy space blanket or a snazzy emergency bivy – because sometimes, nature throws unexpected slumber parties.

Bonus Round! Trash-Taming Tote: Show love to Mother Earth by toting a bag to pick up trail treasures – keeping our outdoor playgrounds as pristine as you found them!

Now, gear up, hit the trails, and let the adventure begin!

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